Michael John Williams

Clinical Professor of International Relations and Director of the IR Program at New York University

Deutsche Welle on Eric Cantor's Defeat

On June 11 I had the occasion to speak with Michael Knigge of the German news outlet Deutsche Welle about House Majority Whip Eric Cantor's primary defeat. Our discussions focused on the implications of this for US foreign policy and the perception of the political environment of United States overseas. The report 'Niederlagen des Establishments' (Defeat of the Establisment) can be found here: http://dw.de/p/1CGZt

Please note the report is in German. But DW does have extensive reporting in English I highly recommend this German 'BBC'!

International Policy Summer Insitute

I had the good fortune to participate in the International Policy Summer Institute (IPSI) at American University in Washington D.C. this week. IPSI is a part of the Bridging the Gap program at American. The summer institute is a workshop designed to train academics how to better engage with policy-makers and the public debate on international relations. The workshop is run by Jim Goldgeier, Bruce Jentleson and Steve Webber. It was highly beneficial and I encourage other scholars interested in reaching out more to the media and policy-makers to get involved with the project. You can learn more about IPSI at http://www.american.edu/sis/BTG/ 

Benjamin Franklin Fellows Debate Competition

On Wednesday, 12 March 2014 I was a judge for the Benjamin Franklin Fellows Debate Competition hosted by the Benjamin Franklin House and the United States Embassy in London. 

I had a great afternoon judging the 14-16 year olds. Topics included 'lowering the voting age to 16', 'the right to anonymity on the internet' and 'campaign finance reform'. The students were stellar.

The best student, from the senior group, was awarded a Benjamin Franklin Fellowship to spend three weeks this summer at Wake Forest with 40 American students and 40 European students to study and debate transatlantic relations. You should have seen the face on the winner - she had no idea about the award as it was a surprise. 

Many thanks to the Benjamin Franklin House and US Embassy for allowing me to participate in this brilliant event. I can't wait to do it again next year. 

Baltic Defense College

On Monday, 10 March 2014, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at the Baltic Defense College as part of a professional development course on civil-military relations. The course is run by the King's Centre for Military Education Outreach (KCL - Defense Studies Department). The students were a mix of civilian and military personnel from the Baltic Republics as well as a few other NATO allies. It was a great seminar and I look forward to my next visit. 

'Global' on the BBC

I had a quick discussion on the BBC yesterday with author Ben Judah, author of 'Fragile Empire: How Russia fell in and out of love with Putin', and the host of 'Global', Jon Sopel, on the challenges for the West in confronting Russia over the crisis in Crimea. The discussion mainly focused on how to respond to Russia when any actions will most likely entail financial and energy related consequences for Europe. Judah was rather inflamed that the British government was considering the implications on London's financial sector. And while I might find this depressing, it is not surprising to say the least. I'll probably write a blog post about this soon.